Rubeintz Philippe

Feb 2020

The fact that my parents are spending thousands of dollars on a class in which we just shoot the sh*t about a lot of truly bad TV........ horrific. Ben clearly loves television, but that being said I have learned literally nothing I didn't already know about it since this class started. I can't really complain about having to watch 1-2 pilots per week, but also... I can. In terms of relevant cultural critique, the academic soil would've been far more rich in a class about TikTok. Ben's encyclopedic ability to upchuck some esoteric miscellanea about Girls does not constitute a curriculum. I continue to be confused that Barnard becomes an increasingly Hollywood-heavy school with each passing year, and yet this man teaches 95% of the film department's classes. Maybe hire a woman? Especially considering the institutional lip service paid to #MeToo? Just a thought! Also the blatant favoritism Ben exhibits is a super bad look. All in all, no one can accuse Ben of not caring enough. But it's 2020: everyone cares about content.