Tugce Bilgin

Apr 2021

Dr. B is the reason I am passing FroSci. Not only is she the sweetest person and the most understanding, but she is also incredibly knowledgeable and she goes above and beyond to make sure that we get the most out of this class. Don't get me wrong––FroSci sucks––but that's part of its charm, and Dr. B makes it suck just a little bit less :) In terms of academic material and instruction: Dr. B is the kind of instructor who will stay in office hours until you understand the material (even if that means staying for an extra half-hour or more). She also has informative slides and lessons for sections and runs a pretty organized class. I think some of what the other review says about it being a little disorganized can be true for some units or section meetings, but it's not a trend for the semester as a whole, I promise. Dr. B is also unafraid to admit when she doesn't know something (albeit, this definitely isn't often, especially considering 3/4 of the course is not technically her field of research/study). Dr. B is generous and smart and I would DEFINITELY recommend staying in her section (if not for her, for her grading– she is incredibly understanding and very kind on homeworks and exams)

Dec 2020

Dr. Bilgin is an incrediblyyy sweet person, however, it was a little frustrating being in her discussion section sometimes. The seminars felt disorganized, and a lot of the time we didn't actually focus on course material and instead did random activities (which are helpful to some people but not really my style of learning). She also had a hard time answering questions about both the course concepts/content and about more technical things like grades. This made group office hours kinda pointless and by the end of the semester I gave up asking questions because the answers were never clear lol. She was good with email responses and emailing us about weekly assignments, plus very understanding about circumstances if we needed an extension for any reason. This course and seminar reminded me more of high school learning than an introductory science college course. The topics were often interesting, I just don't like how so much busywork was structured around each topic. If you're wondering whether you should switch out, it's really not that big of a deal. I got through the class just fine even though it was kinda annoying sometimes, but if you can switch out I would. Also no hate on Dr. Bilgin! She made a good effort to accommodate online learning and again was super sweet. Just wasn't my style.