Michael Best

Dec 2020

Don't let his cute little British accent fool you, this man is the devil incarnate. I took this class over zoom, so let me tell you just how difficult this man made every aspect of this class. His lectures are so monotone and boring, but you're forced to go because he DOES in fact record his lectures but does he post them? Nope. In fact, he went and DELETED all the lecture recordings. His excuses are bullshit because every other class records their lectures and posts them (unless it's a small discussion class) but this is a lecture with almost 200 people? So I don't understand why making this class as inaccessible as possible was his goal. That being said, let's move onto the course setup. The lectures go over theoretical concepts of econometrics, basic enough. BUT, the problem sets are where you're totally screwed, because they ask you to code in STATA, but do they tell you how to? Nope! Do they give you a guide? Nope! Did they even give you a STATA cheat sheet? NOPE! That would be too empathetic of them to do so. The problem sets were SO hard too, and the exams were so difficult the average on the midterm was a 60, with a std dev of 17! For an Econ class that's ridiculous. If this class wasn't required I would have stayed as far away as humanly possible. I have no idea what this man's problem is, but he is truly demented, and I genuinely think he is a sadist.