Tiana Reid

Mar 2021

I'm so glad I had tiana for my lit hum class! she is really chill and understanding. the final is always a choice between what you want to do (artistic one, traditional paper, etc.) which I appreciate. she is also really lenient in grading :) I think if u want a ~challenge~ in lit hum, it would rly come down to who u have as ur classmates

Dec 2020

Tiana is super chill and very flexible. She's a pretty easy grader and overall she makes lithum bearable. But if you actually want to learn or get something valuable out of lithum and want a "challenge" she's not the prof for it. Class discussions are really boring because it's basically just her calling on people in the class. So I guess it depends on who's in your class and whether they make it engaging. But if you want a pretty chill lithum class with not very heavy work she's good.