Diane Macunovich

Sep 2003

Maybe it was because she had recently undergone some sort of hip surgery, but I found this to be one of the worst organized classes I ever took. Before each test she gives an excessive amount of review questions, but all test questions are pretty much taken straight from these lists, so it is an easy A if you put in the time and effort. Although this class isn't hard, it was deadly boring.

Jul 2001

This class wasn't amazing, but it wasn't horrible either. Prof. Macunovich, while not an inspiring lecturer, is one of the nicest and most approachable professors I've had. The class was damn easy: 2 short papers, and she takes the questions for the midterm and final right from the textbook. There is very little in her lectures that isn't in the book. I skipped half the classes and still ended up with an A. Overall, a good class if you want an easygoing econ elective.

May 2001

Prof. Macunovich rules! She actually brought in a digital camera during the first few weeks of class and took individual pictures of all of us so that she could remember our names. She's patient and she explains something until you get it. She's organized and has a really helpful website. I'd say this was a pretty easy class, except the problems sets were a pain in the ass. She gives you all the potential questions and the answers for all midterms and finals...but, there's a lot of material that's covered. Mid-semester, she gave all of us new textbooks for free, and she let us keep them at the end if you wanted to. You really don't need too much calculus for this class...only derivatives. Take this class!!! She's awesome, and she's not looking to trick you...she's to the point.

Jan 2000

Straightforward. Her lectures can get a bit boring, and she doesnt really answer questions. But, she's very receptive, her door is always open. Her daily quizzes make attendance mandatory (you can leave after the quiz though) she gives you all the Q's and A's for the midterms and finals beforehand. She's very kind and patient w/students.