Thomas Dodman

May 2021

Took him last year and it was a very enjoyable experience. He is very accommodating, supportive, and open about different opinions. Also, he lectures a bit every class so that you can get the gist of each book. Also, he is super funny. Highly recommend. He's actually a very generous grader. He really values your work and gives a lot of useful comments on your paper (on average 2-3 comments per page). I don't usually get an "A" on my first Lithum/CC paper but was able to get one from him, but I did put in a lot of effort because I really liked the material that we learned in class. So as long as you write about something you care about you'll be fine. He also gives quite a few options so I'm sure you'll find one that you like best.

Jan 2021

Dodman is a balanced CC prof - doesn't speak too much or too little, lets students discuss topics with each other. Thoughtfully will respect students' individual problems, will extend deadlines. Knows books well (taught CC many times), likes Rousseau. Expects reading only excerpts of text (will appreciate reading more if you choose to). While not a revolutionary CC prof, a good choice and a fair grader. Would not recommending switching out if you want a normal workload/predictable semester.