Kristen Rahilly

May 2021

Dr. Rahilly is incredibly helpful as a Frontiers instructor. As a fairly disorganized person myself, her weekly emails reminding us of things due helped me immensely. In addition, she's very responsive to emails, grades quickly and fairly, and is quite knowledgeable about the material. I highly recommend being in her section!

Dec 2020

one of the best professors. She is super nice and is always willing to help you with any questions you have. She also sends weekly emails of kind of like a to-do list, which is helpful if you like to stay organized. She is always engaging in class, and also offers a lot of extra credit opportunities. You will not regret being in her class!

Dec 2020

Kristen Rahilly is such a sweet professor. She is not only extremely organized and available to her students, but really tries her best to help students understand the material. Since Fro Sci is a mix of science fans and book worms, there's a range of ability and interest in the topics, but I think Professor Rahilly was able to bridge this gap. She is super understanding of different students' situations, unlike many other professors. If you have a suggestion she will truly listen and consider what you're saying, if you need help she'll do her best to explain the concepts in as simple a way as possible. She just wants everybody to understand the material and do well in the class.