Alwin Franke

Feb 2021

If you asked my class to describe prof Franke in one word, we would all say the same thing: KING. I literally love this man and his frickin German accent. He is so understanding. My internet drops 24/7 and he's so nice about it. I've forgotten to do discussion posts a couple times, and both occasions he let me do them after they were supposed to be due. I'm also really impressed with how engaging he makes a two-hour class. The structure is kind of complicated, but I just go where I'm told and everything works out great. It's a mix of small group work and bigger group discussions, with a break in the middle. It's kind of amazing that I when I press that "join meeting" button I'm not overcome with dread at the imminence of having to sit on Zoom for two straight hours. I went from not doing the readings at the start of the semester (oops) to doing all of them by the end because I wanted to get more out of class. If you get him for lithum, you're lucky!

May 2020

Professor Franke genuinely cares about his students and will relate the concepts in Lithum to contemporary issues. He is very understanding and engages the class as much as possible. He's a very chill guy, and he teaches the course extremely well. He is always excited to teach, and this enthusiasm rubs off on all his students.

May 2020

Alwin is straight up THE SH*T. I had him before Corona and after corona. In class he was great (as other reviewers have previously mentioned so I won't get to into it). When we switched onto online, he was still great. I think that shows the true talent of the professor. It appeared that he transitioned seamlessly onto the online format (although, I know that isn't true. He just never gave any indication that he was struggling with it). Great, GREAT! If you have him, you got a great get.

Dec 2019

He is such a nice guy. He is genuinely very patient. Always has been very accommodating with any extensions or requests needed. Also, he makes class discussions very interesting. Alot of my friends complain that they feel that Lit Hum is inapplicable to contemporary issues and themes; this has never been a question or thought walking out of his class. He makes the class engaging, brings outside sources (like interviews, artwork, documentaries etc.) to show how these texts are still relevant. He also does a good balance of lecture and class discussions: for class discussion he only really monitors it to make sure contributions are equal. I'm not sure how his grading compares to other Lit Hum professors but I have always found his grading fair.

Nov 2019

Overall great class (for lithum). He puts a lot of effort into hearing multiple perspectives (both literally among the students and globally) and is willing to openly critique the core and its western focus. he's very open to feedback too, and generally a casual dude, which is good. A relaxed grader, for the most part, esp. on the midterm. haven't got my final grade tho yet, so.