Paul Kreitman

May 2021

What a wonderful British man!! I took this class in Spring 2021 in an all-online format and it still managed to be one of my favorite classes at Columbia ever. Professor Kreitman obviously thinks deeply and meaningfully about what it means to talk about "Japanese civilization," and our class featured many aspects of Japan (like the Ainu and Okinawa Prefecture) that have fraught relations the idea of Japan as a nation. The primary texts and readings we did were so, so interesting and drew on lots of literature from various eras in Japan (which as a lit major I was very into). Professor Kreitman was incredibly receptive to feedback and really tried to incorporate things we suggested to him into the course. I took this class 100% as a Global Core requirement having already declared my major, but this class, Professor Kreitman, and the fantastic TAs probably would have single-handedly convinced an uncertain and fresh-faced freshman version of myself to become an EALAC major. Cannot recommend Japan Civ with Prof Kreitman as a Global Core requirement enough.