George Dragomir

May 2021

Professor Dragomir is a fantastic professor who just wants the best for his students. Yes, this class is extremely challenging and he does not make it "easy" on you. However, he is always available to explain things over and over, he holds many OH and is always willing to help. Midterms and the final (especially) were hard and not so much like the practice exams he shared beforehand with us. Especially the final, we had to do a lot of critical thinking to figure out how to do the problem. But if you are unable to solve it using math, he gives you generous partial credit for explaining your thought process in words. He also gave 2 Bonus Assignments that were somewhat hard but solvable on WebAssign and they were worth 2% extra credit on the final grade. Additionally, he gave an Applied Project that if you solve you could earn up to 5%, totalling 7% extra credit. I would definitely recommend this class and Prof. Dragomir to anyone who wants to expand their math knowledge and critical thinking as well who is willing to put in the time. Again, not an easy class, but definitely worth it!

May 2021

Professor Dragomir is a wonderful professor who wants everyone to succeed. He is always willing to help his students to understand the concepts, even if he has to explain something over and over. He holds additional office hours prior to exam days and replies to emails and questions fairly quickly. He also gives opportunities for extra credit - 7% in total: 2% in 2 Bonus Assignments on WebAssign and 5% in an Applied Project or some more complicated questions (up to the student to choose). He also has two ways of calculating your final grade and uses the one that gives you the highest grade. However, it is needed to say that his class is indeed challenging and one has to work hard to be able to succeed in his assignments and exams. I believe that he is looking for the conceptual understanding of the problems more than just applying a formula to solve a problem. I definitely recommend his class, but be ready to be challenged!

Apr 2021

Worst teacher ever. SO HARD FOR NO REASON. He treats this class like its for math majors and gives the hardest possible exams ever which are nothing like we have learned in class or any of the review sessions. Ive often had to ask my friends who are MATH MAJORS for help and they couldn't even figure it out. On every assignment and every test I cried so much. Hes a nice guy and he doesnt have bad intentions hes just the worst teacher and gives the most amount of work with the hardest material . His class should be 5 credits. He doesnt even use regular functions on his exams, its jsut trigonometry functions that he doesnt explain and the most complex identities just to ruin peoples lives.

Jan 2021

George Dragomir is a fantastic calculus professor who cares about his students. He wants everyone to succeed and offers a plethora of opportunities for this to happen. He offered 6% extra credit to be added to your final grade, listened to piazza concerns about problem sets and exams, and made himself available for extensive office hours (I spoke with a few times at 10PM EST). The homework assignments + online quizzes are easier to do well on. You have five attempts per question on the homework and three attempts per question on the quizzes. The problem sets are difficult, but Professor Dragomir offers a lot of help in his office hours if you need it. The first midterm wasn’t too bad while the second midterm was slightly more challenging. The final was three hours during exam week and completely doable. The average grade in the class was an A-. Professor Dragomir’s course is probably more intense than other Calculus I classes. He tries to incorporate a lot of material into each lecture, and the assignments force you to critically think about mathematical concepts rather than relaying what you learn from the textbook. With that said, the grading on the assignments is lenient, and you can request a regrade on all major assignments. He also curves the midterms and final. TLDR: I certainly recommend Dragomir’s Calculus I class. It isn’t too difficult, and you will feel prepared for Calculus III if that is the next course you will take.

Dec 2020

Dragomir is a great teacher and was honestly quite fun to watch in online classes. He records all of his lectures and uses slides added to his own handwritten notes on his iPad (creating a document which he later uploads as a pdf, which I found quite helpful). He is very nice and answers emails and questions quickly. He laughs at himself during lectures. Personally, I had several problems during this semester, but whenever I missed a deadline or something similar I emailed him and he always gave me second chance and sent me best wishes with whatever I was dealing with - he was always super understanding and honestly worried about his student's wellbeing. Plus, more than once, he changed quizzes/assignments deadlines because his students asked him to, and he was always nice about it. In terms of teaching style, I understood pretty well everything he was teaching so just make sure you are up to date I guess and you are good. If you didn't get it, you can always go back to the pdf, the recorded class, or go to office hours and ask. Once again, he is super approachable and nice. This is absolutely unrelated but at first, because of his name, looks, and accent, I thought he totally looked like an evil wizard from the old movies. Which honestly, just adds to the whole experience. Also, if you watch the recordings with auto-generated subtitles its absolutely hilarious because the AI is clearly not getting anything (Ex. Do you buy the eggs? The differential is the blood of the goats) tl;dr he is v cool