Kaizheng Wang

Jan 2021

Prof. Wang was new to the IEOR department, and as such, he's definitely pretty in touch with the students. He has some very kind policies like dropping the lowest 3 homeworks and giving extensions when the class asked for them. While his lectures weren't amazing I definitely learned the material through the problem sets, which consisted of 2-3 questions from the textbook and then 2-3 more challenging questions, some of which involved programming in R. The two midterms were both difficult but you were given 24 hours; the final was much more reasonable, but you only had 4 hours. Overall, I definitely learned a lot and appreciate his kindness and flexibility. IEOR 3658 and this class will definitely help you a lot more than STAT 4001, at least based off of what my CS friends who took the latter have told me. There was no curve in the class but I believe roughly 30% of students ended up with A-range grades.