Chung-Hang Kwan

Jan 2021

Kevin was a good teacher for me, but not for some students. Basically, I came into the course with a pretty solid calculus background, so a lot of the material was a review for me. For students with a very little background, I get the sense that the class went a bit too quickly/was too in-depth on certain things. Kevin is highly organized and takes very good notes. He keeps a website for the course that tracks all the due dates, class topics, etc. If he says he'll do something, he does it. He also offers a 5-minute break each class which is very nice. The 2 midterms went very well for our class. Kevin created practice exams that were almost identical to the actual exams, if not slightly harder. BUT, the final was an epic dumpster fire. The class average was 51% lol. It was WAYYYYYY harder than the practice exams or anything we'd done in class. He ended up curving our final grades for the class significantly, so it didn't ultimately matter but sent us all on an emotional roller-coaster over winter break. Don't count on it to raise your grade. One thing to know: Kevin is a fairly harsh grader. I don't think he's unfair, but he does take a lot of points off for small mistakes. Again, the class is curved so it's not a huge deal, but don't be surprised when you get your work back and see lots of deductions. He gives partial credit, but won't take off less than 1 point per error. In other words, the first midterm was out of 26 points. If you forgot to label a graph, that's automatically -1, so you drop from a 100% to a 96%. If you also make a small calculation error, you lose (at least) an additional 1 point, so you're now at a 92%. Kevin does not budge on regrading/negotiating over points. Kevin is a really sweet guy. He cares about his students and doesn't do anything unfair. He might seem a bit serious at first, but he does have a great sense of humor and occasionally adds fun questions to the class/exam.