Eva Dunsky

Dec 2020

Eva is a very nice grad student who really enjoys teaching University Writing. One can tell that she cares a lot about her students and she is willing to help them as much as she can. As the other review said, sometimes her feedback might be a little misleading, but if you work hard on your progressions, it can be EXTREMELY helpful. She is also very approachable during office hours and she is willing to meet with you if need be. Take advantage of this. Her conferences can make a difference between a good and a mediocre grade. She makes the class enjoyable and not a pain in the ass as other University Writing professors. If you take it with Eva, it will probably not be an easy A since she is a little bit of a tough grader, but you will probably end up learning a lot about writing.

Jan 2020

Eva is a genuinely nice grad student teaching University Writing. She's a fair grader, perhaps leaning more towards the stricter side of grading, but she truly cares about her students. She'll try to help you however she can and is very understanding. University Writing sucks in general, but Eva does not make it any worse than it already is. Her feedback may sometimes be a little misleading; you might think you're doing great after reading her comments on a draft (she says you are off to a great start and doesn't point out any flaws, or something similar) and then get a very mediocre grade for your final paper. One-to-one conferences with her are very useful though, and she's very open to having them regularly/for every essay if you feel like you need them.