Neda Jebelli

Jan 2021

I completely agree with the previous review. She’s a very smart and fun person and the classes themselves were often quite engaging. The essays were a different story. You can meet with her during office hours, which is helpful. But that is basically the only feedback you’re going to get. Don’t expect to get feedback on your first draft more than two days before the final draft’s due, and that’s being generous. She also didn’t grade the last three essays (of the 4 total) until after Christmas. I’d never considered myself a great writer but the grading was absolutely brutal, even compared to my LitHum essays. If you enjoy writing and revising on your own and aren’t too concerned about your grade (perhaps a good question to ask yourself is would you have taken UW even if it wasn’t required?), you’ll probably love her. If this is not you, I do not recommend it.

May 2020

Don't recommend. Neda is nice and genuinely helpful (she went out of her way many times to help me figure out my essay topics and claims) but actual class periods were a total waste of time. No discussion, just fruitless exercises. The homeworks she assigned were not helpful, and presentations of your topics were pointless. Peer exercises were the worst because nobody cared and nobody actually gave thought-out feedback. You basically just do busy-work and then write an entire essay with no preparation or having learned any essay writing skills. The actual value of the class comes from just writing and editing the essays, and not from the other stuff she makes you do. Don't get me wrong, she's a super smart and lovely person. Just don't take UW with her.