Alessia Palanti

Dec 2019

Gives specific feedback that is helpful for each successive project, skills learned are applicable to other classes/general academic writing and reading, makes UW an actually useful class, very available/makes time to meet with you if you request it, works to develop community in the classroom, very understanding of personal circumstances should hardships arise and get in the way of your work, always willing to answer questions Fair WARNING though— if you are not interested in English/writing and/or improving your academic writing, or if you have a hard time receiving criticism, you should not take UW with her. If you seek her out and want to improve, she has the capacity to help you, but it will probably be hard. If you don't want to work hard then you will not have a fun time :") As a prospective English major think she is an excellent professor. Even on A essays she doesn't hand them back and just say, "perf!" -- she still has feedback for improvement, which is always what I'm looking for. She was also very understanding of my mental health issues and worked with me and Disability Services to properly accommodate me so I could still succeed in the class.