Sonja Wermager

Jan 2021

I truly enjoyed her class. She is a sweetheart. even though to many the music terms may be hard, she explains them in a very clear way. She is an easy grader and gives you good feedback. 100% would take her again if given the chance.

Apr 2020

Sonja is like the human form of an angel. She is kind, caring, and respectful about the fact that Music Hum is a required class. She also very clearly loves music, and encourages the students to show the type of music they love in class, no matter what it is they enjoy. Informative and fun classes, with a few short readings and simple assignments. She allowed the final to be open-notes, and gave us a very good review package beforehand. She even invited her chamber music group to play in class, and it was beautiful. When I started Music hum, I thought it was gonna be a bunch of dry music theory about how great classical music is as opposed to newer forms, but Sonja made sure to focus on what makes all music amazing- its ability to tell stories and move people. She also emphasizes marginalized voices in the canon, and made sure to include the earliest possible examples of female musicians and musicians of color in the class. It was wonderful, and I don't know anyone who got less than an A.