Michael Gottsegen

Jan 2021

DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. Professor Gottsegen gave little care of his students and little care about the class. The class was at 6:10 and he would should up at around 6:20-6:25 and then proceed to speak until 8:30 with no room for discussion. He often came to class unprepared and did not ever give us a valid reason why. I understand that there should be leniency during such hard times, however, he gave none to his students. Furthermore, when he did show up, there was nothing of a real class in which learning was remotely achievable. He also was close-minded of other ideas other than his. To go along with that, his grading style is one that leaves everyone in shock. To start, it takes him the entire semester to give your first paper back and, secondly, he does not grade fairly. He based everything on his own decisions and what he would have written rather than the content and the approach you took to argue your thesis. All around a very bad professor. Please save yourself some hassle and do not take this class. This class pretty much sets you up for failure.