Ga Hye Song

Apr 2020

I LOVE  님!! Professor Song is probably one of the sweetest, most understandable Professors I have had at Columbia. I took first year Korean with her and she made it so much fun for everyone. I only knew Hangul going into her class but her teaching style is exceptional. She explains every topic in so much detail that you'll hardly be ever confused. She is always willing to answer any and all questions you have about the material. She's big on practicing Korean, role-play and doing speaking activities with assigned partners. This really helped me in learning Korean, kept me engaged and motivated. She is also very lenient towards students missing deadlines. She is very kind. I was always looking forward to her class, it never felt like another "requirement" I had to get over. I actually had the most fun in her class. If you are really interested in learning Korean and want to start with the right Professor, this is the class for you! Going into first year Korean, I was only planning on getting my language requirement done but because of this class, I am going to continue with Korean next year as well. If I could take Korean with her again, I would definitely take it. Would definitely recommend Prof.Song.