Galen McKinley

Nov 2020

This class is extremely difficult and has a huge workload, but you do come out of it with a super. strong foundation in climate science-related topics. There is a ton of work -- not even by nature of assignments, which are not horrible, but just time spent trying to understand the material. The lectures can move very quickly, but the professors are always happy to stop and explain something if it is confusing. The lab is honestly fairly enjoyable -- it's mostly computer-based, so you are working to analyze data, etc. If Excel and reading graphs come naturally to you it will be fine! The midterm is ridiculously difficult, but I ended up doing very well on it (so it is possible!). The TAs are really amazing -- I highly recommend going to office hours because they will very clearly re-explain concepts to you and provide great help on homework and labs. Overall I do not recommend taking this class if you are not an earth science major, but if you have to, just put in the time and effort and it will be ok! This is not one you can slack off in.