Thomas Christensen

May 2021

Professor Christensen is one of the best professors I've ever had! He is an incredible lecturer, and the amount of knowledge that he has on Chinese history, politics, and foreign relations is unbelievable. He can tell you just about anything about it. I also really appreciated that he balanced respect and reverence for Chinese history and culture with criticism when apt. He gave very nuanced, well-reasoned commentary on China. I also felt that his lectures were incredibly easy to follow and logical. The notes I took from them helped a lot during the midterm and the final. I wish I could have taken this class in person because Professor Christensen is a genuinely kind person on top of being an absolutely brilliant scholar. If you are at all interested in Chinese politics, you NEED to take a class with Professor Christensen. You will learn a ton and get to take from one of the best in the industry.

May 2020

If you like political science and international relations you will love this class. Professor Christensen is engaging and one of the best professors there is. He is passionate and loves what he does. Above all else, he knows his shit. You can rarely catch him off guard, and if he does not know something he always comes back to you after he learns more about it. I think he also strikes a perfect balance between his love and respect for China and his criticism. His arguments are always respectful, and based on intellectual logic and evidence. I always looked forward to his lectures and you will learn A LOT about China and the world. He talks very fast but circles back to certain issues often enough so that you understand the key things. Especially in our current world, taking this class is a must. It helped me understand current events and get a better grasp of US-China relations, and China's role in Asia and the World. Again, incredible professor who teaches you beyond what you need to know for the class. He teaches you how to think about politics, economics, and life, and gives you a sense of how to conduct yourself in foreign policy circles.