Ethan Namvar

Apr 2021

I have mixed feelings on Professor Namvar. On one hand, he's really chill and presents lectures very clearly. The homework assignments (case studies) were also very easy, which is nice. He also arranges for lots of guest speakers to come to class, which is awesome! However, I feel like I learned a lot more from the textbook than I did from the lectures, which I barely managed to pay attention to. He also didn't record Zoom classes and hosted recitations on the same day and time every week, both of which are things that made this class less enjoyable to me as an international student. (Also this was a cameras-on class if you care about that!)

Dec 2020

Ethan is a great professor. We had very straightforward assignments, intuitive explanations of core principles and formulae of Corporate Finance, 30%(!) attendance (just show up, not class participation, though that certainly doesn't hurt), and a big final project which tied everything together. He somehow also knows a bunch of famous people (Marty Kaplan, Stephanie Link, Byron Wien, etc) who came and spoke with us. Great experience!