David Goldfarb

May 2005

Goldfarb manages to be somewhat likeable and very annoying at the same time. He's approachable outside of class and pretty nice in general, but his teaching style is abysmal. i get the feeling that he's not the lecture type. count how many times he says "you know" in a sentence, and you'll get what i mean. He sometimes shoots people down, but i dont think he realizes it. Most annoying trait: did not hand back midterm papers for 15-person class until THE LAST DAY OF CLASS. he also cancelled 4 CLASSES without rescheduling them. Made it seem like WE were also wasting our time. Flexible about pretty much anything.

Jan 2000

This man is one of the most self-indulgent, self-important and self-aggradizing characters I have ever met. He will bore you to tears in class as he rambles on and on about random topics in polish literature- his area of interest. The class has nothing to do with Polish national constumes you say...? Indeed you are correct but he does not seem to care. The grading is pretty fair and the reading material is amazing. if you really are trying to get your dose of Russian Lit try some of the really amazing profs. in the department. Try Belknap, Popkin, Izmerlieva, Chernetsky but stay away from this seedy character.