Sailakshmi Ramgopal

Apr 2021

I cannot recommend Professor Ramgopal enough. I am a STEM major, but LitHum easily became my favorite class this year thanks to her. Most classes were spent critically analyzing the texts we were reading which I always found very enriching and helpful to understanding not only the texts themselves but their cultural and societal impacts. Professor Ramgopal is great at leading discussion, is super friendly, and will always give full attention to any idea a student may present. Above she seems to really care about her students and makes LitHum an outstanding class!

Dec 2020

She's the best Lit Hum professor out there! Class is really engaging and Professor Ramgopal makes an effort to make everyone feel welcome. We read fewer books for longer than other classes, allowing the discussion to do more justice to each of the books. For the first semester especially, Professor Ramgopal's knowledge about the historical context really enriches the discussion. I honestly had pretty low expectations for Lit Hum but it's now one of my favorite classes. She's super understanding and I've learned a lot without feeling overwhelmed with busy work. I can't recommend her enough.