Carolyn Abbott

Apr 2021

Professor Abbott is incredible. She is the best math teacher I have ever had, and certainly by far the best I've had at Columbia. Each lecture is clear, structured, and organized, which I appreciated as someone with significant organizational challenges - because of this, I could spend my time outside of class studying the information the way she taught it instead of trying to learn it through YouTube like I've had to do with other Columbia math classes. When introducing a concept, she usually defines it, proves it, and provides example(s), so I walked away from lectures both understanding the concept AND how to apply it. She's really good about responding to emails in a timely manner (once I emailed her on the weekend, not expecting a response until Monday but she replied later that day!). She's also so kind and understanding. If you don't understand something, just go to her office hours, and I guarantee you will leave understanding it. She doesn't condescend to you for not immediately grasping a concept, and will explain it in a million different ways until it clicks for you. The exam averages were really high, not because the material is easy, but because the professor is phenomenal and doesn't unnecessarily complicate things. If you are taking calc III, please please take it with Prof Abbott. I learned so much in this class without any mental anguish, which is what college should be about.

Jan 2021

She is a very clear, kind professor. She teaches so that everyone can understand the material (based on both my experience of her style and the high average exam grades), and is very responsive to questions. I took her for Calc III (online). I think she is particularly great for this course because she studies topology and is very skilled at helping students visualize surfaces in 3 dimensions, which is a key part of the course. I highly recommend taking her class.