Justin Clarke Doane

Apr 2021

Time for a gold nugget. Smiley, kind, encourages discussion and very good at understanding questions. Also has an often wonderful way of using words. The material varies in how provocative and/or difficult it is, but I recommend taking the class just for the professor.

Mar 2021

I was very excited to take Metaphysics and initially really liked Professor Clarke Doane but quickly discovered that I was in a bit over my head. I had never taken a philosophy course before and even though this class has no pre-reqs it was pretty overwhelming. Not only was the philosophical style of reading/writing/speaking new to me but Prof Clarke Doane expected a certain level of mathematical/logical knowledge that I certainly didn't have and neither did a lot of the class. While it wasn't strictly required to understand the concepts, taking Discrete Mathematics or Logic before taking this course taught by this professor would've helped me a lot. He's a great guy and really wants to help his students but I think he's sort of lost sight of what a student in his intro course is going to pick up quickly and the sort of base math knowledge we're coming from (and this is from someone who likes math and has taken math courses in college!). Memorably, we did a week or so on Quantum Mechanics and the philosophy behind it which really was about 2 hours of lecturing on physics concepts to a sea of confused zoom faces. He ended up taking off a lot of the concepts on the final because nobody could understand what he was talking about In short: nice professor, difficult yet interesting class. Would recommend taking Discrete Mathematics or Logic before if that's also on the list of classes you want to take. Grade received: A-

Apr 2020

I completely agree with the review below. Justin is young, energetic, and tends to be very good at understanding questions. He was very kind, and whenever someone had reservations of asking a question he'd encourage it anyway. He tried to live by the cliché that "there are no dumb questions," which I really appreciated. Justin is very much an analytic philosopher, and if you have any interest in continental philosophy he will not cover it much. He told us to call him by his first name, and is generally a chill dude. Grading depends 100% on the TAs, but I found the grading to be very fair, maybe on the lenient side. If you're interested in analytic philosophy/the philosophy major and have no prior background, Justin is a great place to start. You might be flustered and confused (and there's a lot of reading that you don't really have to keep up with fully because of his in-depth handouts) but stick with it and it will be worth it. Also: TA Devin is amazing, and go to his office hours if he's TAing your class.

Apr 2020

Justin is a super nice and relaxed teacher. He has handouts for every class that summarize the main discussion points he wants to make, which is really helpful come essay/exam time. He really values discussion and does a great job of making it accessible for anyone, even though our class had a wide range of background philosophy knowledge. He really wants anyone to feel comfortable making a point or asking a question. I didn't have any real philosophy background and I did struggle with some of the concepts, but this wasn't the fault of him or the TAs, who were all really willing to help. This is spring 2020, so most of the grading was pass/fail, but the one essay we got back before things went crazy was, I thought, graded very fairly.