Hayet Sellami

Aug 2020

When I first started this class with Hayet, I hated her! I thought she was so mean and liked to embarrass people about their French knowledge if it lacked. However, about a third of the way through, I realized it's just because she's Parisienne and she acts culturally different than American teachers I've had in the past. Once I realized this, I started to make jokes with her and our entire relationship got SO MUCH BETTER. She does care about her student doing well. Quite a lot actually. And she organizes class well so that you really spend a lot of time practicing and learning. I found the class to be easy and manageable, not a huge workload compared to some other French sections. Daily connect exercises and 2-3 pages of reading. Quizzes and tests. The usual. Unlike some of the other professors, Hayet will speak English when the class isn't understanding something. I think many people appreciated this. I loved her and want to have her again as a professor!

May 2020

Very exacting and will correct you constantly in class, but great at teaching grammar and making sure you learn the material. I took a few years of French in high school before taking her class so I had a slight advantage in comprehending the material; otherwise, she might be difficult to have for your first semester of French. But you learn a lot and learn it well. She provides a VERY strong foundation in French that will make all your subsequent semesters easier.

Apr 2020

Amazing professor. Also scared the hell out of me. She's very Parisian and will not hesitate to correct every single mistake you make. I've had professors who will only correct the bigger mistakes in your sentences and will let smaller pronunciation issues slide, especially if you're at the elementary level. Not Hayet--she will not let you get away with ANYTHING wrong. But that also meant that I learned the most from her. Lectures are exceptionally clear, especially the grammar concepts. Hayet tends to break things down into "formulas" for different parts of speech, word orders, etc. that really help you nail down the tricky minutiae unique to French. Grading is fairly light, which was surprising given how intimidating she was in class. She would let us redo compositions and as long as we fixed every single mistake she had marked in the first draft, we got 100%. All in all, a really great choice if you want the rigorous lectures that will make you learn without a crazy workload.