Chandler Miranda

Dec 2020

Great professor and great class. It was very easy to follow and Professor Miranda made everything very easy to understand. She's very engaging and I left the course feeling very interested in learning more about Education. She's also a pretty lenient grader, and the workload was pretty manageable.

Nov 2020

This class could be good and interesting but the professor was terrible. She seems nice, but don't be fooled. She is nice to some, and not to others. If you are part of the latter, good luck. You can receive As on everything but one project and your final grade can be totally different and not a reflection of the average grades. Her grading is ALL subjective. No rubric. The TA is awesome and when she grades your assignments, you are set, because if you do the work you will get a good grade. Also, the discussion section was 100x more interesting and enjoyable because it was run by the TA and she is the best. Unfortunately, though, the TA is not in charge of your final grades at all. The professor is completely unreasonable and totally has a misconception of who she is, as she is by no means understanding or open-minded to anyone with a different view from hers. On the very second day of class, she criticized me after presenting our randomly assigned group's presentation in which not everyone participated and she used a confusing format and gave no instructions or nearly enough time. She made it a point and went out of her way to say after every other group "everyone notice how this group really understood the assignment and did the task well"(not passive-aggressive at all). I would never take her again and honestly, I thought I would want to minor in education, but after this experience, I will likely never take an education course again. NOT WORTH TAKING IT WITH HER.