Julie Moon

May 2020

Fairly speaking, she's not bad, but not the kind of professor you'd enjoy. She gives out unbelievable amount of reading, especially during the first two progressions, and her classes are boring. Her comments can be confusing; however, she is extremely meticulous when reviewing your essay and giving you comments. She takes her job seriously which is always good to see. Her grading is overall fair as well. But she cannot organize. When looking for homework, you need to combine syllabus, her email, canvas file, canvas assignment, canvas discussion, and her notes during class. This is the most annoying part. If not for the p/f, it would be easy to get a B+, but anything above that requires extensive work, and by that I mean much more work than lit hum. Overall, she's not bad, and she's probably new-ish, but if you have better options you know what to do.