Hazel Rhodes

Jan 2021

Hazel is a great prof and definitely pushed me to practice and learn. Even in a virtual environment, she was able to teach effectively and I was able to utilize the grammar and vocabulary she introduced to us. Highly recommend her and I'm sure in-person classes would be even better. We were a small class, so she was able to work with us individually to help us learn and often focuses on our personal goals rather than a subjective definition of what constitutes a certain grade. She focuses a lot on how much effort you personally put into the course.

Apr 2020

An angel! I love Hazel so much. She is one of sweetest and most generous professors I have ever met. If you ever need anything, she will find a way to accommodate you. That said, she is not so easy on you that you won't learn. She assigns useful homework, gives great feedback on essays, is always accessible for office hours, and makes oral practice in class and out feel comfortable and effective. You can definitely get an A in her class if you come to class, complete all her assignments, and study briefly before tests. If you want to learn German but not spend too much time working on it or stressing about it, hers is your class!