Catherine/Cat Lambert

Jul 2020

Professor Lambert is an absolute gem. Truly one of the best CU professors I've ever had. In her class, you discuss not only the myths themselves but their contexts too (ie. Medea being written at the time of Athens's war with Corinth and Sparta, Hercules as a colonizer) and discuss physical objects representing those myths such as pottery fragments and the metapes of the Parthenon. The final project is an example of ancient mythology (doesn't have to be Greco-Roman!) as seen today. And she's very open to proposal ideas--among the topics people did their projects on were constellations, an RPG, Columbia's statue of Alma Mater, the Broadway musical Hadestown, and Camus's The Stranger. She is so kind and so open to questions and so knowledgeable about everything in ancient Greece and Rome. Please give this woman a gold nugget. I've had some horrible professors at Columbia, but professors like her remind me of why I'm here all over again. Also, we talked a lot about themes in the texts that perhaps other classes wouldn't. Example: notions of colonialism in Medea, Hercules and the Odyssey; consent in Hymn to Demeter; and others like this. She divides class into logical sections: You first focus on the creation of the world, then go through some of the most important gods, then focus on heroes and heroines, then talk about artists. (Additionally, she didn't assume prior knowledge of anything, which was so nice. You can go into the class knowing literally NOTHING about any of the things you talk about and still do well).