James Thomas

Jan 2000

Professor Thomas is an above-average professor who seems to enjoy the material he teaches. His lectures are very structured and straightforward. Kinetics is a somewhat complex subject, but Thomas's lectures make it "more accessible" to the chemical engineering student. Put it this way -- you won't fall asleep in class. He likes to interject humor during his classes, which is welcome by the students. Overall, he's a really nice guy. The course is structured as follows -- there are 6 quizzes, each counting for 10% of your grade, and the final is worth the remaining 40%. Each quiz covers one chapter in the textbook, so it's not a bad deal. Much better than a single midterm, in my opinion. You won't be taking this course unless you're a Chem. E. major in your senior year, but it's one of the better Chem. E. courses... Look forward to it. :-)