Tamara Hache

Jan 2021

I loved this class and the professor. It was a super small seminar, and she was able to guide the discussion to be incredibly valuable in understanding the readings. She clearly was passionate and educated about her subject. The course topics/readings themselves were really difficult, but the class was structured to be low pressure and supportive. Tamara was big on mental health and didn't even give hard deadlines, and was always available to help with the material. Although normally I wouldn't have found the topic of the class interesting (mostly 1800's Argentina) she managed to make the class worth it anyway.

Sep 2020

I LOVED TAMARA. She is literally the only prof I've ever had that could teach Spanish in a way I wanted to learn it and in a way I could clearly understand. She seriously cares about her students in such a unique way it's insane. TAKE THIS CLASSSSSSS!!! She's seriously the best, wish she taught all Spanish classes.

Apr 2020

Tamara is the best. She is one of the most passionate professors I've had and manages to make magic out of a potentially dry course. She will challenge your speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills but it is for your own good.