Bailey Barnard

May 2021

She's the BEST! Totally sees her students as humans, always teaches us from unique perspectives on the art we study. Take Bailey's class if you want to feel happier and have fun during discussions! I also don't understand how she always is so put together with perfect hair and makeup so early in the morning while I roll up like a bean! Please teach us your ways, Bailey! She especially thinks about how we're doing with online school and totally takes into consideration what a reasonable amount of work looks like, especially under the circumstances. Thank you Bailey!!! U R THE BEST!!!

Jan 2021

I've never met someone who cared more about their job than this professor. I remember she teared up during one of our early classes while talking about how some art was not being preserved or something like that. She's very friendly, passionate about what she teaches, and gives interesting assignments. She is also accommodating in terms of papers/exams.