Annie Pfeifer

Nov 2020

Professor Pfeifer is the KINDEST professor I have ever had. Her CC class is beyond easy, and she makes a genuine effort to help us understand the texts and enjoy learning about them. She cares about her students, and she wants us to succeed. Her expectations of the class are simply to participate (in some form!), pay attention, and learn! If you are lucky enough to have Annie for CC, cherish her!!!

Dec 2019

TAKE HER CLASS. Easy is an understatement. I am confident saying that there is no better professor to teach this course. If you are looking for a class that you look forward to, that is an easy A, and also a class you will enjoy and learn a lot in, this is the class. She struck the perfect balance between providing historical context and guiding the conversation while simultaneously allowing natural discussions between students. Her approach to the course wasn't one of overworking students and promoting a monolithic narrative about any specific text. Rather, she lightened the workload when it allowed us to dive deeper into areas and works that were more useful to study in-depth, instead of reading more but less critically. She made sure everyone felt comfortable in class and actively went out of her way to ensure every student had access to resources and that each person felt engaged with the discussion. Her excitement to delve into the works was palpably authentic. Easily one of the most intelligent, most kind, and most effective professors at Columbia.