Ashley Simone

Nov 2019

In my short time as a first-year at Columbia, I haven't had a better professor than Professor Simone. She is genuinely very passionate about the class as well as the material covered. Her concentration is in Latin literature but she is extraordinarily knowledgable about Greek literature, history, and culture as well to the point that I initially believed that Ancient Greek civilization/literature was her specialization. She wants to see her students succeed and does a lot to help you achieve that. She gives personalized feedback on essays and is lenient on extensions. Additionally, she has a very warm and kind demeanor so she is very easy to talk to. Her lit hum class is very student-driven, with Simone giving only a few opinions or background knowledge occasionally, so be ready to speak often and give your thoughts. The workload is the easiest I've had in a class at Columbia, especially in comparison to what some others say about their own workloads in other lit hum classes. Definitely take her section of lit hum if you can.