Scout Mills

Dec 2020

I loved this course so much. Even though it was on Zoom, Scout built a tight-knit community that inspired me to wake up for this 10:10 4 times per week. I am not a morning person, but I never wanted to miss this class (and it's so intensive that you can't really skip class anyway). I made multiple friends ON ZOOM thanks to this class. Scout was available to help whenever I needed it and really cares for her students. In my conversations with Scout during office hours, it's been clear how much she prioritizes teaching. Have no fear about taking Russian from an american- it actually means she understands what it's like to learn this complicated language from nothing. Also, don't be surprised that this PhD student is a better teacher than most veterans of the university system. She really cares and is super organized. This class was good enough to inspire me to write my first Culpa review. Everyone reading this go write a review because god knows we use this site enough and don't contribute to it. Take Russian with Scout, no doubt.