Dhananjay Jagannathan

Aug 2020

DJ is awesome. I can't believe this is his first review. He deserves a nugget. This class was pushed me to be a better writer, reader, and thinker while still having a manageable workload. It so far was the best class I've taken so far in college, even though part of it was on Zoom. Jagannathan was a little rude at times, but he clearly cares about all his students and would ask us for comments on how the class was going and push back deadlines if needed. He's very strict about no technology in class and that everyone arrives on time, but it's clear this is because he really values our time. He wrote the most detailed comments on our papers. I have never gotten as much information back from a professor. He grades anonymously and fairly. If you listen to the comments on your previous papers, you will do better on the next one. That being said, he has very high expectations. Being a philosophy professor, he doesn't just let you write about a motif in the text, you have to dig deeper. After we went to zoom, he cut down the workload to have no essays and a page-long journal entry that he would comment on. I fully recommend taking a class with him. He is incredibly knowledgeable and, at the very least, it is very entertaining to see what combination of mismatched colors/patterns he wears to class.