Megan Boomer

Dec 2020

Megan Boomer is an excellent Art Hum instructor. I sincerely hope Columbia tenures her. We need more instructors like her. She is probably one of the most understanding professors I've ever had the pleasure to take a course with at Columbia, and I'm incredibly grateful to have learned from her this semester. She voiced her compassion for students at the course's start—and continued to put that compassion into practice throughout the semester. She is extremely sensitive to treating students as human beings who are, yes, trying to learn, but who also go through shit sometimes (to say it bluntly). I felt as though I was treated as both a human being and student in her class. This is rare to find at Columbia—and a quality other instructors ought to emulate. In terms of her pedagogical savvy, Megan excels on this front too. The class was most suitably structured. We had visual analysis assignments to submit every two weeks, discussion posts to post every week, three short writing assignments and one final exhibit proposal to submit by the semester's end. None of her assignments felt arbitrary or "work just for work's sake," and their cadence was perfect. During class, she lectured for about 15 minutes—and all the material was interesting/relevant. We then broke out into smaller groups to discuss our visual analyses, which was a particularly keen way to begin discussions on pieces that can, at times, feel daunting/incomprehensible. Our discussions never dried out, and I always walked away from class (or logged off Zoom) feeling like I'd learned something insightful. I HIGHLY recommend Megan Boomer as an Art Hum instructor, and, AGAIN, sincerely hopes that she is tenured at the university (or a university) in the near-future. It is because of her compassion, intelligence, and pedagogical savvy that students will thoroughly enjoy the Art Hum course.