Andy Jo

Dec 2020

Andy Jo is entirely the reason that I didn't drop out this year. She was extremely understanding, and is one of the kindest, most personable people I have ever met. She is dedicated to her students, and willing to put in extra time. She is dedicated to keeping us from hating writing as much as she used to, and she consistently worked to "decolonize the classroom." I even looked forward to going to this class - and I usually don't like writing at all. Andy will expect a lot from you, but she is an extremely fair grader, and acknowledges and rewards improvement and effort. Also, her comments are very helpful and I've learned SO much in this class. Overall, I would rate this class a 9/10 (only a 9 because university writing is supposed to suck), and Andy Jo a 9829838/10 (she's the best writing/english teacher I've ever had- if you can, find a way to get into this class)