Ibrahim El Houdaiby

Jan 2021

Came on here to write a review for Ibrahim cuz he's new and has none. His class has pros and cons but in my opinion the pros definitely outweigh the cons. He's new to teaching CC and seems quite young. The class was over zoom but not as painful as I anticipated it to be. Pros -The workload is much less than other CC classes I've heard. It's two 10 page essays, a weekly discussion post of 300 words, and a collaborative google doc (this is over zoom so might change if in person classes resume) -He really appreciates feedback and seems to really care about his students. He always encouraged us to come to office hours and just talk and get to know us -There's many ways to participate other than speaking in class -He's really flexible with deadlines and assignments it seems -He doesn't use the full 2 hours because he's kind and knows staring at a screen for two hours is hard -He's really kind Cons -He makes you do these google docs on content/background knowledge etc and we spend the first like 20 minutes going over them but then goes on to give his own summaries for 20 minutes so the first 40 minutes of the class aren't really spent doing anything if you're not presenting. -I've heard some people weren't happy with their grades on essays but I was pretty satisfied with mine but I worked really hard and did all the readings and discussion posts etc. He marked a lot quicker than I expected but didn't give much feedback although he told us to come and talk in office hours if we wanted -his section is at 8 am so that can make it hard to participate if you're not a morning person -The discussion can be empty sometimes as he sometimes asks like vague questions and misses some points of the texts. It seems sometimes like he's looking for a specific answer Overall, I'd say he's a kind guy and generous with grading although maybe I'm wrong. He's really open to feed back so if you're not happy you can just tell him. I'd definitely recommend if you can face getting up at 8 am. From what I've seen on Culpa he's one of the better CC prods