Naoko Sourial

Jan 2021

Professor Sourial is such a sweet person and a good teacher. I think the only con would be a con that most Columbia language courses have--that they go so fast. For that reason sometimes the concepts aren't taught as thoroughly as they could be. But really, other than that, I'd recommend her.

Dec 2020

Sourial-sensei is an incredibly passionate professor. Her teaching style is very engaging and she is incredibly helpful to students in and out of the classroom. Her enthusiasm and humor made the class especially fun, and I never felt scared to speak or practice speaking in class. She made it very acceptable to make mistakes and was very patient in her corrections. She was incredibly kind to students who were absent for several classes, opting to record lessons and share them online for all students to view. She was very fair in how she called on students so that everyone had equal chances to participate. She was very, very understanding of technical difficulties and never made students feel inferior for messing up, coming late to class, missing assignments, turning in late assignments, being sick, or not knowing how to pronounce certain words, or failing to remember certain vocabulary.