Shigehiro Oishi

Dec 2019

Professor Oishi is a world-class psychologist whose area of expertise includes social ecology, happiness, and personality. His Intro to Personality class has been very informative, interesting and includes the latest important research in almost every chapter we have covered. Also, he has a great sense of humor, making the class very easy to engage. I wake up every Tuesday and Thursday looking forward to going to his class. In addition, he is very responsive to emails, and thoroughly answers your questions; all the TAs are also very nice people, with one of them even holding office hour during the reading week. In terms of level of difficulty, I would say it is slightly more difficult than an average introductory psych class. If you want to do well in this class, be sure to pay attention to the lectures and the studies that he has covered, as many of the studies are not included in the textbook, which also demonstrate Prof Oishi's ability as a capable researcher to find and synthesize the latest and most relevant findings that are even not covered in the latest textbooks. Speaking of the textbook, it has been one of my favorite psychology textbooks, and I have read every chapter (including the epilogue!). Funder is such a knowledgeable and humorous guy. Also, he is a true scientist who neither completely negates Freudian psychology nor mindlessly buys it. His analysis of Freudian psychology is unbiased, reflecting both his wisdom and rigorous training as a scientist. Indeed, despite their not being true scientists, there is so much we can learn from psychologists like Freud, Jung and Alder.