Angelo Caglioti

Jan 2021

Take this class! Professor Caglioti genuinely wants all his students to succeed and feel supported in his class and he updates his syllabus to incorporate student feedback. The class was heavily discussion-based (kind of awkward and sometimes there were uncomfortable silences over Zoom, but we also had smaller group discussions which were much less awkward), but as someone who isn't normally very comfortable participating in seminars, I felt really comfortable participating in this class. I think a huge part of that was the professor himself, who made a point to meet with each of us individually to talk about our papers and make sure we were all comfortable in the class. Be warned if you're not interested in science at all and far more interested in the political history of fascism that it's still a science and fascism class. Professor Caglioti still tried to offer multiple optional readings that would cater to people's different interests. Additionally, we really never talked about Portugal and only spent a week talking about Spain. The rest of the course covered Germany and Italy pretty evenly.