Kristi Cassaro

Nov 2020

I really liked this class! In terms of writing, this was a great introduction to college-level courses. The material itself was really interesting. We read two books and multiple miscellaneous readings over the course of the semester, all of which were pretty manageable. The discussions during class were very interesting. I learned a lot about the ideological origins of America and how those translate into present day. It provided me with a whole new perspective with which to view American culture, politics, etc. Sometimes the class could get boring, especially when we read older texts from the 19th/18th century. Also, it can get annoying having to write so many essays, but then again, it is a writing seminar. Just be prepared to write multiple drafts. As for Professor Cassaro, she is SO nice and you can tell how much she loves teaching and learning. She is a great professor and gives helpful feedback on essays even though FYS/W is P/D/F. To be honest, sometimes I thought she went too easy on my essays. Overall, I would give this class an 8/10.