Shulamit Shinnar

Jan 2021

She is a fantastic professor, even online! Her classes are completely discussion-based but with lots of guidance from handouts. She gives contextual powerpoints at the start of each new book/work. It's easy to tell she cares about making the class good for everyone in it. Her essays were not a lot and the oral final was stressful but ended up going really well for pretty much everyone. Some people thought she was strict, but I loved her as a teacher and thought everything was well thought out and organized.

Dec 2020

Professor Shinnar is amazing!! If you want to really gain something from the Lithum experience, highly recommend her! She is super understanding and flexible with essay deadlines and has adapted extremely well to online teaching. Her classes are very interesting and largely based on what the students want to discuss. You will definitely learn a lot from her. Since classes switched to being online, she even canceled the midterm :)