Jason Behrstock

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Dec 2008

He is quite easy as far as the Calc professors go. Not exactly eloquent "Um... so uh the uh cross-product" but at least you can understand him (native English speaker, or at least unaccented English speaker). Randomly absent, he has TAs teach those days, and they are terrible. At least the one we had the 4-5 days he was absent. The first midterm was easy as pie AND had an extra credit. Not very proof-based in the hw but he randomly will put a proof on the exam so watch out and don't completely zone out when he randomly does proofs (although they are 70% unecessary). If you can find a friend who took this already you will be in luck since he repeats question types (or exact questions!). Second midterm was harder but doable. Make sure to go to the days when he reviews for exam, it is useful. I rarely went otherwise.

Aug 2008

AMAZING. He knows his stuff and can actually EXPLAIN the material. Such a nice guy, too. He cares about his students and he gives examples you can follow. He made Calc III an enjoyable experience, even for people who fear mathematics. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ANY OTHER CALCULUS III PROFESSOR.

Apr 2008

Behrstock is a good teacher. He writes literally EVERYTHING on the board so it is easier to follow what you are learning. He tries to give geometric and algebraic arguements for a lot of the concepts he teaches so that we can have a better intuition about what he is teaching. It is calc 3 - the stuff is not at all interesting but he is probably one of the best teachers you will find for this class. He is an american and speaks english well and thats always hard to come by in the math department.

Mar 2008

I enjoyed his lectures, which were very comprehensive, and he writes everything on the board for you. But you do not need to go to class to do well on the midterms. Just study the textbook, and he gives a review the class before the midterm. The problem sets were annoying, sometimes difficult, but otherwise doable. Your lowest grade on the pset gets dropped. A pretty easy class overall.

Feb 2008

Professor Behrstock is the only professor I have had at Columbia who seemed nervous in front of students. It didn't matter for most kids though, since most didn't show up for lectures which was fine, as long as you read the text book. The Midterms and the final for Calc III were a relatively easy, especially the first midterm. He's not a great professor but he's better than some of the others in the math department, so I guess you could do a lot worse.

Dec 2007

This guy is not a good professor. At first I enjoyed the class and the material, but he ruined that for me. He seems so unsure of what he is teaching. I've never seen a teacher lack so much confidence. When you go to him for help, he cannot even answer your questions, you're better off going to the math help room. The TAs did a better job than he did. Moreover, he had the audacity to assign homework during the reading period and it was NOT a review for the exam. Speaking of which, he would always say that he would make practice exams for the midterms and final, but he never did. Once, he gave us some extra problems from the book, but I could have done that on my own. He is somewhat nice and the course is not impossible, but you really do not need to go to class to do well.

Dec 2007

Prof. Behrstock is a good math teacher. Goes at a good pace: not too slow, not too fast. Does full reviews the class before each exam, answers questions, works well with the textbook. Tests are very moderate, not too detailed. The problem sets took me a while because I often needed help from TA's, but by the end of the course, after you study the textbook in detail (covers 3 chapters), you know the material pretty well. may not have gotten as far as some other courses.

Nov 2007

Um Uh so uh um so so uh um. Unless you can decipher this sort of speech, you will not learn much from this guy. He stutters endlessly, becomes lost in proofs, forgets what he has taught and regularly makes mistakes during his own examples. He will demonstrate a formula incorrectly and realize it half way through class. Also, he missed at least 5-6 classes and had a TA teach (She was much better than he was). Forget about taking this class if you are an Economics major. There were regular requests for examples with econ applications, he never demonstrated one. I am not out of line on this either. Check him out on in Utah. Same guy, same problems. He should not be teaching at an Ivy or any other school for that matter.