Terri Gordon

Dec 2003

This class is the worst class I have ever taken in college. Not only are you forced to take it with Freshman who have all gone to "lycee", but the ENTIRE content of the class is grammar. That means no speaking, ever. I don't know about you, but I'm not really a grammar person, and at least my past French teachers attempted to encorporate other interesting things into their classes. Prof. Gordon's class is the same thing every day. You sit down, copy her illegible handwriting off the board on grammar concepts that are adequately covered in the book (which she never refers to), then do practice sentences in class, and go in order down the rows reading back your sentence. It is ridiculous. Once you read your sentence, she goes into a three minute discourse about the "past participle of the direct object modifying the gerund in the future preterite" Oh, and forget if you are having problems with the FOUR grammar concepts you study in class, because you won't be able to make Prof. Gordon's one hour of time on a Tuesday evening for office hours. When you ask to go over things with her, she will tell you to come to office hours or direct you to the Columbia French Department's website so you can get a tutor for 30 dollars an hour. This class is awful, but it is hell with Prof. Gordon teaching it. I didn't think one person could single-handedly kill my love of French.

Feb 2003

Prof. Gordon was awesome - explained all difficult concepts clearly, showed us a couple of movies during class time, easy grader - I would definitely take her again! She's just a really nice person, and very smart too.

May 2002

Terri Gordon is definitely the CC department's goddess in disguise - she taught the GS section at night, so most CC or SEAS people probably won't even think of registering for her class, but man - our class was so good! she explains everything crystal clearly, gives really really thorough notes, let's you talk in class ALOT (so much that we usually ran out of time) - discussion are never boring in this class - people actually wanted to argue and have themselves heard, unlike many other CC classes. sign up with her, if you can - besides having a great CC class, you'll get to know the nicest person you'll ever meet

Dec 2001

Really sweet, moderate grader. Not an ounce of arrogance (which is hard to avoid in this school). Open, fun, a little overwhelmed by the amount of work we had to cover. Very smart and interested in the students.

Jan 2000

Gordon one of the nicest teachers you'll probably have. She always answers your questions and explains anything you need help on. She won't rush into the next section until you feel that you understand what has just been taught. She is a bit boring, though. Basically, she puts notes on the board, and you copy them. Then we do examples from the worksheets, some conversational excersizes, and that's it. Other than that, this class is really easy, and i recommend it to anyone!

Jan 2000

Felt kind of like a ditz, but gives such throrough lectures that you can pull at B+ without reading any of the texts (or at least, I did). Class participation isn't even necessary, since she believes "some of you may be more comfortable speaking up than others." Just try to stay awake. Medium grader on papers, grades easy on midterm and final.