Loy Fankbonner

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2003

Despite his "unfortunate relationship with time, Fankboner is one of the best young instructors at Columbia. Loy ('Edgar' is only there to add a professorial air) brings the broad interests of a graduate student to the table without the erudition or condescending reservation that is often part of the package. As he says over and over (often apologetically) the syllabus is designed to be ambitious. Translation: there is no way to get through all the material in the semester. Things get cut or moved and there is regular confusion about what is on the docket for any given class. To his credit, Loy has improved at keeping the class up-to-date. Every class is broken up by a self-admitted nicotine fix in the middle, but be careful, he's a speed smoker. While he can be spotted behind the counter or outside of Kim's on occassion, he is much nicer than the average staffer. All in all, the way Loy fosters discussion and deftly inserts his own interpretations makes the class a pleasure.

Nov 2002

Definitely a great instructor. Like the other posting says, he is a native speaker and really knows his stuff. He is one of the most knowledgeable Spanish teachers I have ever encountered. His grading is fairly easy if students show some time and effort. He is a genuinely nice guy. Missing class isn't a huge deal. Take his class if you can.

May 2002

If you get this professor, take a deep breath and thank the registration gods. He's just a good teacher. He's a native speaker so he knows his stuff. He's understanding about lateness and attendance, and he's really down to earth. He even listens to Manu Chao and brought one of his CD's into class. Most of the class you spend working in groups on assignments in the book. He's more interested in you learning grammar and mastering concepts than memorizing endless lists of inane vocabulary. Made completing the language requirement enjoyable.

Jan 2000

I have had background in spanish and managed to get an A+ in this course. Loy is a lenient grader and doesn't mind if you miss a few classes providing you can give him a half way decent excuse. There are two 1 page compositions, an easy test after ever chapter or two as well as an ocassional workbook page assignment. Remember to laugh at his jokes and you'll be sure to do well. Overall a good teacher.