Daniel Chiarilli

Jan 2015

Dan is my favorite professor I have had at Columbia. In fact, I tried to write a review of him after spring semester of last year, but it wasn't published so I am writing another because I feel that strongly. I do not like music classes, but Dan really made the class enjoyable. He would use modern example to apply theories and really tried to engage the class. He got very excited about everything and was overall such a likable guy that you couldn't dislike the class. I am so happy I got put into his section and would consider taking another class with him even if I am not a fan of the subject. Would 100% recommend

May 2014

If you cringe at the thought of having to take the Music Humanities course, you can rest easy knowing that there are Professors such as Daniel Chiarilli. His passion for music is borderline contagious. If you have trouble picking out certain aspects during the listening, he is always available to help to understand the concepts. Although this course is mandatory, selection of the proper professor can make or break it, and for that reason, I endorse Professor Chiarilli.