Sebastian Currier

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Aug 2005

I honestly cannot even imagine how a music professor could be better than Currier. There were people in the class who got annoyed that they were sick or busy and missed a class. If I didn't realize that he is completely devoted to his students and classes are discussions, I'd be in a daze for 2.5 hrs a week as to how amazing this man is. A welcome contrast to the Diatonic way of teaching, Currier uses his class to explore real music in every aspect from theory to history to even the science, math, and philosophy behind it. To echo a previous review, Currier is one of the nicest professors I've ever met and genuinely treats his students with respect. He definitely does seem unaware of the absolute affection everyone in that room feels for him. Take every class Currier teaches if you can and talk with him as much as possible. Go to office hours and pick his brain. He is a rare gem in the otherwise inconsistent Music Dept.

May 2004

He's great. He leads the class through some really interesting pieces in a relaxed, conversational style. There's plenty of opportunity for discussion, but Currier keeps it focused. I learned a lot and had a good time. Wish the additional hour had been better attended, but that's not really his fault.

Feb 2004

I've had many good professors at Columbia, and some really great profs. And I've had Currier...who will stand out in my mind as one of my Top 5 favorite teachers/professors of all time. The man really knows how to teach and how to make his class enjoyable. Additionally, he is the nicest guy on earth....I'm fairly convinced he is also unaware as to the degree that he is adored by his class. Highly, highly, higly recommended

Jan 2004

Fantastic professor. Currier knows everything about Bach inventions, preludes, and fugues that could ever be said or written, and heÂ’ll make you great at analyzing music to death. Even better, there is little homework, and if youÂ’re enthusiastic about the class all the way through, the projects are no problem. Very laid back, canÂ’t say that about many professors I had this term. Take Susser or Kramer and youÂ’re just slitting your own wrists.

Dec 2003

Possibly one of the best professors I've had. Currier knows how to explain material clearly, and is a very interesting lecture. His assigned homework isn't bad, and the midterm and final aren't particularly difficult. It's a theory class, but amazingly enough, it's a fun theory class.

May 2003

Professor Currier allows you to get out of the class what you put into it. That's really comforting if you aren't confident in your skills, and if you are confident, then you can do some really hard-core work. He will not disappoint you. Just don't expect to follow the syllabus.

May 2003

Second semester only. Currier's big mistake was passing out a syllabus, because he only got about halfway through it. But when you ignore the expectations that he set up, this is a great class on its own terms. You won't be doing endless counterpoint exercises in here, you'll be looking at real music and analyzing it to death. Currier is very thorough, extremely intelligent, and a nice guy who genuinely wants everyone to do well. He teaches theory chronologically so that we can see how the concepts and techniques developed instead of looking at them in isolation, making the course far less dry than your average music theory class. He's definitely the best theory teacher at Columbia; Kramer does an outstanding job imparting the basics, Edwards is a waste; but Currier will really get you thinking about music in a new and more systematic way. Highly, highly recommended.

Dec 2002

Currier is a really solid professor. Sometimes he moves too quickly through material without realizing that the majority of his students are staring blankly at the board, trying to figure out what in the hell he's talking about, but this problem stems from that fact that he's just a really brainy guy as well as an enthusiastic professor. He's incredibly nice, laid-back, and available if you need help with anything. If you ask him to clarify a concept that you're having trouble understanding, he will make things clear for you right away. Furthermore, the TA [Hiroya] is cool as all hell - smart, enthusiastic, helpful, and a great teacher. I regret that I cannot take the second semester of this class with Currier due to scheduling conflicts, because I really like him as a professor and as a person.

Jan 2000

He's relatively new. Looks like a lovechild of Beethoven and Woody Allen. This is possibly the easiest class one could ever take at Columbia. Case in point: I looked at my transcript and both semesters (it's a year-long class), more than 75% of the class received A's. Now, you do the math. He teaches in a pretty straightforward manner. He's very nice and patient to whatever you may ask him during office hours. If his office hours don't match your schedule, you'll inevitably run into him at either Ollie's or Riverside Park. This man is ubiquitous. The tests, midterm and final are all E-A-S-Y. Homeworks are graded on some unknown scale, but also easy. You will have to write a 4-part composition at the end of the semester and a student string quartet will perform it in front of the class. Pretty much anything goes for that assignment.